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Rebel of Fate


22 February
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No matter how many obstacles you meet on your road, you should never abandon your ideals and goals. Stay true to yourself.

I originally made this account just to post my Polish Hiiro no Kakera translation so my friends could read it with screenshots, but it didn't really work out in the end. I didn't abandon the project yet, but it's on (long?) hiatus right now. Recently, I use this journal to post random stuff and write about things that happened to me while I'm in Japan. Also, Gintama is the best anime/manga ever! *__*

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Scream, just like your instincts dictate you and
Embrace the uncompromising fate.
The blood of a beast, seething silver night;
Lamentation about which only the moon knows.
Tear the bonds with these claws
And let's offer the slaughtered sacrifice to the moonlight.